Troublesome Secretaries

Mr. Harding, a fussy old fellow, has a daughter; he also has a private secretary, an attractive young fellow, who falls in love with the daughter and gets his "walking papers." Later he employs a female secretary, who proves to be an old schoolmate of his daughter. She drives the old gentleman to desperation by using perfumery extravagantly on herself and everything else about his office; so he decides to get a secretary over sixty years of age. In the meantime, Ralph, the first secretary, disguises himself at Betty's suggestion as an old man and makes an application with the rest of the would-be secretaries. The apparent feeble and antique secretary at once starts to work, but his employer has no sooner turned his back when the ancient secretary becomes very spry and active in his attentions to Betty, and proves very strenuous in his embraces and kisses. Mr. Harding is apprehended of Ralph's identity, after pulling his false beard off, and all ends happily.

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