The Pace That Kills

Small town girl Jane Bradford falls for Nick, a guy from the big city who offers her the opportunity to get away from her small town life. He also offers her "headache powder", she not knowing that it's cocaine and that Nick is a drug pusher. By the time they get to the city, she's hooked on her new medicine. Jane's brother, Eddie, goes to the city to look for his sister, who has not kept in touch with her family. Eddie gets a job as a carhop at a drive-in and is befriended by a drive-in's waitress named Fanny. Fanny is one of Nick's customers, and Fanny soon gets Eddie hooked on the headache powder. Due to this vice, Eddie and Fanny's life soon goes downhill. They're both fired from their jobs and are unable to find other work in their drugged out state. On the periphery of both Eddie and Jane's life is Dorothy Farley, a customer at the drive-in. Dorothy, dating Dan, comes from a wealthy family and she throws her money around easily. She's willing to assist financially those in need. She becomes the one in need when she's kidnapped by one of Nick's associates, who wants her to become another of Nick's steady customers. Jane, now known as Lil (she doesn't want her new life to sully her family's name), comes to Eddie's aid, trying to get him away from the city and back home. Jane also comes to Dorothy's aid, for a price, not before Dorothy learns the truth of Dan's identity and from where her family money comes.

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