The Magician and the Human Pump

The magician appears upon the stage with his assistant. Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, he causes an empty jar to suddenly appear under it. He places the empty jar upon the table and seizing his assistant by one arm, begins pumping, when lo! a stream of water emits from the mouth of the assistant and fills the dish. One by one he takes six fishes from the mouth of his assistant and places them in the dish. The assistant is then commanded to hold the jar high above his head, and immediately it begins smoking, and a terrific explosion takes place, which, when the smoke clears away, leaves a flag in its place. The flag is unfolded, when there appears from behind it a huge lobster which suddenly turns into a man. The flag is placed over him, and when it is removed, there are two small children in his place, one seated upon the back of the other. These children are mysteriously turned into different objects until the jar of water finally re-appears with the fish in it. Now the assistant upon examining the jar, is kicked by the magician and sent flying from the stage. The magician then places the flag about himself and mysteriously disappears in the air, ending the scene.

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