Her Terrible Ordeal

An absent-minded business man is about to be off on a journey. He leaves his son and his secretary (who, unbeknownst to him, are in love) in charge of the office. The two soon find the boss's wallet on the floor, and the son rushes off to catch up with his father. While he's gone, a poor vendor seizes the opportunity to turn robber. He grabs the secretary's purse and locks her in the airtight vault. The son returns, and soon he becomes aware of his beloved's plight. He doesn't know and cannot find the combination to the vault, so off he goes again to catch dear old dad. He just misses dad's train and sends a telegram ahead to have his father return immediately. But dad wasn't on the train. He had forgotten important papers that he needed for the trip. Now he's back at the office, blissfully unaware that his secretary is dying just a few feet away. Then off he goes again. The son returns and is told (by a man who was unaware of the secretary's plight) that he has just missed his father. Away the son rushes again. This time he catches up with dad. Back they run to the office, and the girl is freed in the very nick of time.

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